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About RC-SIM Copyright



As far as there is no other notice, the Copyright for all texts or graphics on these pages is on the operator.


The Copyright for posted articles stays with the author, assumed he is named.
The Copyright for installed scripts or programs as well as included graphics is with the originator, if he is not named, it is with the operator of the pages.

Any copy or distribution, except for private use, is only allowed with the written approval of the operator or author.

With the usage of these web-pages you declare your agreement to the terms of use. If you do not agree with the terms of use, please don’t use this page. The terms of use are subjected to change. Please check regularly for any changes.

It is forbidden to provide and distribute racist- or pornographic- or effective law violating content via this page.

RC-SIM is not responsible for the accessibility, access quality or the quality of the display.

But we think that we have a sufficient server speed.

If RC-Sim does violate any rights, please forward this to the webmaster of RC-Sim. The here published texts are only allowed to resume after approval of the webmaster.
We are not responsible for the written texts of third persons. This affects especially the forum. Reprint, also partly, only with the approval of the author.

All allegations are without any guarantee.

It is strongly pointed out, that falsities of all kinds are reserved. Also if, like usual in journalistic publications, the naming of trade marks or brands etc. on this pages is used without special marking, this does not mean that this name is in the respect of copyright or trademark protection free and can be used by anybody.


According to TDG (German Teleservices Act) is responsible for these pages:


RC-SIM system news

The old Download Engine has been replaced by a new system that is integrated in the Forum. Therefore it is not necessary anymore to register twice. You just need one account for the Forum.

RC-SIM Teamspeak Server

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