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About RC-SIM History
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The history of RC-Sim                            from Jens (Higgy)


Many a time’s people ask me about the history of RC-Sim.

Here a short retrospect:


It began with the “old” Aerofly that I bought as one of the first in summer ’98. From the first second I was attracted to built own models, so I could fly the same models I had in real also in the simulator.

I got the program “MAD” from Axel and couldn’t stop building some models that I provided for download free of charge on my private site www.higgy.de

I had some long nights of work at that time together with my colleague Michael :-)


We started with the “Klemm”, followed by some other fixed wings, a gyrocopter, a sky diver and some helicopters. The number of visitors on my site increased rapidly; sometimes I had more than 400 a day.


Also many questions appeared; “how to make such models”, “my simulator doesn’t run fine” and so on. I created a FAQ from the most common questions and provided it on my site.


Then (End of ’99) there was so much information about simulators that my site blasted. Other model designers started to send me model to provide them on my site.

This was when I thought about applying for an URL and to start RC-SIM.

On 30.12.2000 after weeks of hard work, the site was online.


Permanently improvements followed and a forum, the FAQ and the “Reports” were established.


During spring the “work” was so much that I asked some Sim-Experts (that I met in Chats) if they would like to join because it was too much to handle alone. Maik (probman) joined immediately with his “design talent”. He took over some categories of the constantly increasing forum as a moderator.


Now we were two. The forum (which ran now faultless) requested a lot of time. In a meeting Alexander and Schumi agreed to help moderating.

This was an important relieve because there was still a lot to develop, improve or to test on the site.


Since 2002 also the Chat was on our server. Now everything ran smoothly and was not dependent on external resources anymore.

(At that time we had about 200MB space, traffic 10-20GB per months and 700 visitors per day in average)


Peter agreed to moderate the Forum and mainly to administrate the download area, the part that consumes the biggest amount of time.

Now we don’t have a daily update, but meanwhile I have bought and renovated a house and I have become father. So I needed much more time for private things and could not spend 4 hours a day for RC-SIM.



In beginning of 2002 Gregor volunteered to take care of the Newsletter part and Flyingbaer has taken over some parts of the forum and tries to help the users with his outstanding experience.


Since September 2002 Micha (Flyingbaer) maintains the download area because Peter can not find enough time and likes to temporary drop out.


Since January 2003 Manuel has joined the team because Maik has not enough time.

The following domains are now also linked:



Beginning of February 2003, the Shock!!

My (meanwhile Ex-) provider told me, that I have to repay a lot of money (3-digit sum) because of the massively increased traffic.

I could not pay this from my “hobby cash box” and the site was close to death.

Michael and me immediately closed the download area and minimized the forum.

We organized a meeting and many loyal users of the forum promised to help us rapidly with donations.

I think this kind of helpfulness is quite rare nowadays and we were very surprised.


At the same time we discussed the possibility of banner-ads and other services to keep RC-Sim alive. Some companies assured to use our site for advertisement or to use parts of the forum.



The barrier was overcome and RC-Sim was again accessable since March ’03 with the forum and the download area.

Unfortunately IPACS has withdrawn his promise for banner-ads and we have to wait if we can keep the site open at the end of the months. Luckily Hajo has helped us in sharing his traffic from  www.flugmodellbau.de

(December 2003): Ikarus/IPACS decided to have banner-ads on our site again.



In April 2003 Jens, Michael and Manuel have changed the complete download area. It is now written in php and has lots of new features.

After 2 weeks of hard work it is online since 23.04.2003. You now have to register to download.

This is just to get better statistics about the traffic and to take necessary actions in case of any problems. With your registration you accept our regulations (EULA).

Now we can also lawful protect the authors of models and add-ons (e.g against selling models/add-ons on Ebay etc.)


The registration is still free of charge and non binding and it will be like that in future.

The new PHP script has some more advantages like blocking of “Referrer-sites” (sites that link directly to our files and increased our traffic). Just from this our traffic decreased more than 30%.



In summer ’03 we had about 900MB space with 30-50GB monthly traffic and 900-1100 visitors per day. Relocation to a new provider ( www.hosteurope.de )

has been started; everything has been transferred and tested.



The new PHP system runs smoothly since a few months and the traffic rose to more than 60GB per month.


On of our power users and model builder (Rodeo) had problems with his provider because his site had more than 5GB traffic. We took the chance to support him. He has now his space on the RC-SIM server and has hosted his content there. http://rodeo.rc-sim.de

The German advertising space is fully booked until end 2004 and the financial cadre with the Reflex-forum costs for the next 12 months as well as the server costs until end of 2004 are fixed.



Our fan-shop with our new logo is online and you can order T-shirts, mouse pads, jackets or cups etc.



For end of 2003 we planned a big contest. This time we had some sponsors who provided prizes for more than 1400 EUR (mainly simulator products or high quality model parts). The two contests were held in November and have been judged by the jury during beginning of December. We finished in time and the winners could receive their prizes right before Christmas.



In December Danny (KossiOssi) joined the team, took over some forum parts and supports others with his model building knowledge.



Some facts about 2003:





 Files in Download data-base




 Registered  users for Download


 Registered  Users in Forum


 Threads in  Forum (12/03) (15214 answers, in 2742 Topics)


 Newsletter readers


 Gigabyte Transfer / Traffic






Since 2004-01-01 we are an international domain



Under this domain we intend to publish an international (English) version of RC-SIM

Since 2004-01-25 the German PHP version is complete and online.

The international domain will also be online in PHP in the near future.



After 3 months of pre-work RC-Sim was completely offline for the first time since years on 2004-02-16. This was to relocate to our own server. After 30 hours work and 2 weeks of testing now everything runs fine and fast and we have much more space and features. The new design was also released on 2004-02-22 together with the English content.



During autumn ’04 our team increased again.

Hias is now online only rarely during the week because he has to defend our country J.


Therefore he is supported by PatrickS, who might be known by most of you because of his add-ons for AFP.
Patrick does the uploads and moderates some forums.

Also Tobias has joined as an editor and his desired business is to publish news and reports.


Some figures (End 2004):

+ ca. 2000 Users per day
+ 300 GB Transfer-Volume per month
+ ca. 60.000 registered users

At the end of 2004 the data transfer increased (caused by many users and files) rapidly (more than 250GB plus 80GB from Hajo). We had to close the download area for a few days at the end of the month. Another banner-ad was let for the new year.

In 2005 everything ran fine except of a view hours in October, caused by a hard-disk crash. Manuel is here only very seldom because of a lack of time, but Ghosraider has taken over some of his work and takes care about the servers and the forum.

Then, in November 2005 a problem appeared. 3 banner-ad sponsors had not agreed for 2006 and the budget was, with the constantly increasing traffic, not assured. Also because of the upcoming “rough sounds” against us and the behaviour of some “clever-clever” users we decided to close the download area temporally and discuss how to proceed with RC-Sim.

During November and December 2005 there were open discussions how we can pay the traffic and keep RC-Sim alive. Many people offered to help, we also received a server that we should test (but it was not reliable and the work was finally a waste of time).

Many user offered donations to keep the downloads running. After that I opened a Paypal and a bank account where users can donate since end of 2005.

Herewith I like to thank all people who supported or still support us. Many thanks also to Fabio from

http://www.shonline.ch   for his short notice banner-ad rental and for allocating our Swiss-Site www.RC-sim.ch

In February we could acquire another advertising partner, so that for 2006 (in case the donations will keep the level) the funding of the server and the traffic is assured.

In April 2006 Werner (welcool) asked to help as an English language moderator and translator.
Because we were looking for a tem member in this respect this was perfect. Many thanks to Werner.

The following domains are now on our server:


Beside this the following domains are linked to our server:



For more than 2 years RC-Sim was running without bigger problems or changes. After some changes of the tariffs and because of the giant traffic-volume we now have our own web-server.

In September 2008 it got serious. Torsten and Michael started the already 2 years planned revision of the RC-Sim sites.

After weeks of work on our portal for model flight simulators there was go-live of V6.0 (using Joomla1.5) on 2008-10-17.
Also the English version should be established now.

The forum and the download area have been visually improved, they are now adapted to the style of the rest of our site. There were no changes on the well established functional side.

The current RC-Sim Team cast you can find on the “RC-Sim Team” page.
Werner, Manuel and Nico have retired from the Team.
Instead of them Daniel (Dan) from
Switzerland boosts our team with his knowledge in scenery-building. He has got moderator rights for the forum and will also support us there.

Current figures (2008-09)
+ more than 5.000.000 files downloaded this year
+ more than 4.440.000 visits this year
+ more than 12.500 visitors per day in average
+ more than 50TB transfer volume per month.
+ more than 171.500 registered users in download section
+ more than 4.320 files for free download
+ more than 17.800 users in the forum

Herewith I like to thank some Power-Users (you know who I mean), for their tireless help in the forum. THANK YOU

Thanks to all who supported us ….. or will support us in future.

That’s how it came to the current RC-Sim Ste.

Best regard Jens (Higgy)


RC-SIM system news

The old Download Engine has been replaced by a new system that is integrated in the Forum. Therefore it is not necessary anymore to register twice. You just need one account for the Forum.

RC-SIM Teamspeak Server

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