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In our workshops on RC-Sim there is a manual (from Wolfgang) for building an adapter to connect you normal radio as an
USB-joystick to you PC. He has provided us one of them for testing.


Now it is possible to control all simulators (FMS, Easyfly, Aerofly, AFP, Piccofly...) that support USBcontrollers. It works also for "normal" programs like MS Flight simulator etc.
It also work with all operating systems that support USB connections.

The transmitter must have a student bush. On Graupner radios this can be upgraded (ca, 18EUR).
With this bush the RC-Joy-Adapter is connect to the radio.

the other end is connected to an USB port of your PC

Most PC's have the USB connectors on the backside, some newer ones also in the front panel.

The adapters are gernerally delivered with a length of about 2.2m (after we have discussed with the supplier that 1.8m are a little short).

Normally the adapter is detected automatically by WinXP. You only have to calibrate it in the system panel.


"Game controllers"

Then you must select the according Gameport in your simulator and you can start flying.

There is nothing else that is such easy on the market at the moment.

Wolfgang sells the necessary programmed PIC16c745 IC for about 15 EUR.
Other options are complete USB-Interface boards without cable (for self building) for 41 EUR, and complete interfaces (with cable and connector) for 45 EUR.



The USB RC-Joy-Adapter can be recommended for users who want to try some other simulators or programs with their own radio (or who are spoiled enough with the Gameports and serial or parallel cables for FMS).



RC-SIM system news

The old Download Engine has been replaced by a new system that is integrated in the Forum. Therefore it is not necessary anymore to register twice. You just need one account for the Forum.

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