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About RC-SIM About RC-SIM

About RC-Sim

RC-SIM stands for "radio controlled simulation"  and means the simualtion of radio controlled models on your computer. In our case an accurate simulation of radio controlled modell-planes and helicopters is in the centre of interest.

On this first independet site about RC-Simulation, we want to give you the possibility of easy exchange of additional aircrafts, sceneries and information for the most common simulation programs and give you an overview on the present software available on the market.

You can present you experiences to all common RC-Simulation softwares to the other users and help them out with their purchase decisions and problems.


RC-Sim.de has now been online since december the 27th of the year 2000.

In our download section you can always find the most recent, as well as earlier add-ons, aircrafts, sceneries and videos etc.

As all add-ons have been made under great effort, we want you to stay factual, especially in our forum.

At last we want you to have al lot of fun here....



With a current amount of 17.580  regiostered users in our forum and about 169.500 users  registered in our download section, RC-SIM.de is thelargest and most active community - speaking German and English- for radio controlled flight simulation on the internet.

Registration and use of RC-SIM.de is free of charge, so start up and enjoy all the advantages we have to over to you:


1.exchance your opinions and experiences with other users or interested newcomers
2.achieve help quickly to solve an appearing problem
3.take profit of all our helpsites on products and their use
4.get in contact to several producer by using direct links


we wish you now a nice an infomative stay on RC-Sim.de

your RC-SIM.de Team
in short

RC-Sim.de is an internet portal which serves all people interested in the simulation of model flight as meeting place.

It's members form an active online comunity to exchange their opinions and experiences on products and give hints for using and developping add-ons as well as teach others in creating models and solving problems. 

As our platform is completely independet we can asure a wide field of information.

Additional RC-Sim is forming the center of a network consisting of many private sites offering downloads about RC-Simulation.

So RC-Sim is the central source of information all about our fine hobby and gives you the chance of getting to know much information and helps you to decie which software fits to you.



RC-SIM system news

The old Download Engine has been replaced by a new system that is integrated in the Forum. Therefore it is not necessary anymore to register twice. You just need one account for the Forum.

RC-SIM Teamspeak Server

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