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Reports Reflex Reflex XTR Update 5.01

Reflex XTR Update 5.01

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The update was available since mid of November 2004 as a download. After all files are unpacked we can start the Installation. This runs quickly without any problems.

Now we can start flying...

... witch on the radion, start Reflex XTR and immediately have a look at the sceneries. OK, here is the first alteration: An Indoor-scenery. It is the photorealistic and high resoluted sports hall of "Rödinghausen" where in 2003 the German Master for Indoor-aerobatics have been carried out.

A sports hall needs a sufficient model for the first flights with the update. I have checked the models list and have found a lot of new Indoor models. Beneath the models from Ikarus there is a "Monsoon" an "Edge-Treme" and the "Mad Flight (Laser 200)" from MS Composit. In addition there are several versions of the "Spitifre" from Flying STyro Kit and 3 versions of the "Rock" from Effekt-Modell. This makes it difficult to decide on model. I have chosen a shock flyer.

Ready for Take off!

I pushed the throttle and the Shock flyer rockets upwards. What I recognized immediately was the very realistic sound of the small brushless motor in this styro-model. There is not time to be glad because the ceiling ends the flight rapidly. This is something different than outdoors flying. Let's concentrate flying around in the hall. After another crash it is obvious: The hall is made very detailed, especially the crash objects. All visible objects like soccer goals and baskte ball hoops lead to collisions. What I liked most was the glassy galerie. In the screenshots below you can see that the model really looks like flying behind glass. With this scenerey you can prepare for real indoor flying perfectly and make yourself familiar with the limited space.

Realistig Indoor flying?

This question can be easily answered with "Yes". In my opinion all Indoor models are made very well. My favorites are the Shock-flyers and the "Monsoon". It applies to all 3D models that torqueing need very sensitive control and it need some practice. Compared to AFPD the torqueing there is running by itself.

Also the general flight behaviour of the styro-models are very realistic.

For the general changes in the simulator I like to refer to the report from Thomas Hanser. He has listed all news in his report.

Conclusion: (As an AFPD protectionist)...

...it is especially this update that has convinced me to Reflex. I stick to my opinion that normal fixed wings are more fun in AFPD but the Indoor flying in is much better in Reflex. The models are more realistic in their behaviour with a very direct response to control movements. Also the Indoor scenery is very nice. I don't think that AFPD can keep up here.

I think it is great that Reflex offers this update for free. This update is a MUST for all Reflex fans.

Have fun

Tobias Fengels


Here are some screenshots of the outstanding work of the Reflex Team:








RC-SIM system news

The old Download Engine has been replaced by a new system that is integrated in the Forum. Therefore it is not necessary anymore to register twice. You just need one account for the Forum.

RC-SIM Teamspeak Server

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