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Reports Reflex Reflex 5 XTR

Reflex 5 XTR

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Field report REFLEX XTR 5 (version 5.00.6)

XTR stands for “next to reality” and what this simulator installs simply on your hard disk is just graphical insanity.

Some information of the supplier:

Trailblazing technology for model flight.

Again we have raised the benchmark. The patented “PANOLusion Engine”® defines the current limit for model flight simulation with real photos, exact collision detection and spatial orientation.

- PANOLusion Engine
- Photorealistic sceneries
- Unrivalled details
- 80MB picture data per scenery
- Most modern panorama technique
- Real terrain profiles, runways, barriers, security zones…
- Pixel accurate collision detection
- Material characteristics like grass, bushes, grassland etc.
- Different moods of light: Direct light, fog, haze, diffused light
- Selective shadows
- Glare with backlight
- Moderate hardware requirements
- Patented

Unequalled model quality in real environment.

- Highly detailed models
- Jets, helicopters, fixed wings
- Gliders, Indoor’s, own models
- Outstanding flight characteristics
- Realistic Take offs and Landings
- Hovering Trainer
- Torque Trainer
- Flight recorder
- Reflex model construction program RMK

Here the test of the software:

In April 2004 there was the long desired free update CD in our post-box.

The installation ran smoothly and after calibration and allocation of the channels just select one of the 6 sceneries.

At the moment there are the following places included in XTR:

- MFG Borstel-Hohenraden
- MFG Elmshorn
- Heist
- Grosse Heide 73
- Tangstedt

Indoor scenery is still in work and will be published as a download.

It is not only that you now can fly in photorealistic environment; you can also fly behind trees and bushed etc. The models are moving realistic according to the flooring. Security zones over parking areas and preparation areas are implemented into the landscape to remember the pilots to the rules on real fields.

For different PC’s there are 4 different resolutions of each flying field available. The implementation of own sceneries will be easier with the new RSK scenery construction program. It is not clear yet when this software will be available.

The simulation of helicopters is the most realistic up to now. Also the fixed wings have been improved rapidly. Now very realistic hovering and torqueing is possible. A training module for torque was already included in version 4.03. It has been reworked and has now the possibility to change the starting view. This means you can now select a bottom view of the model.

The appearance and details of the models are just amazing. With the RMK it is possible to build your own model within some hours.

What I find fascinating is that you can fly through the scenery and get a spatial impression quickly. Now you can fly really near to the forest. The implemented fences might surprise the pilot when the model hangs on them during final approach.

For the helicopter pilots there are tables were you can practice landings. It is also possible to practise in teacher-student mode. Record your flights and check your skills while viewing them.


The Reflex simulator in the current version is nearly not beatable in his price/performance ratio. The graphics are very appealing but they need a powerful PC.

For me it is no question: This simulator is a “must have” for me.


Minimum requirements:

- PC Pentium 4 with at least 1200 MHz
- 256 MB RAM
- 1 GB Hard disk space
- DirectX 8.1 compatible graphics card with 3D acceleration and 32 MB Video RAM
- CD drive
- USB Connector
- RC transmitter with at least 4 channels
- Windows 98/98se/ME/2000 or XP
- The interface was tested with transmitters from Graupner, JR, Robbe, Futaba, Multiplex, Hitec and Sanwa. Some product might need adaptations.

This reports contents parts of the Reflex Website


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