Hello dear simulator-pilots,

Our download area is sometimes temporarily offline due to high traffic costs. ( check on this page the link for the entry to downloads below... )

Especially costs for providing international downloads are high as about 90% of traffic is caused by people from foreign countries.

In contrast, still 90% of all donations come from Germany. We hope this will change a bit in the near future.

Furthermore we have been working for weeks on our platform again, and will soon be able to present you a new download possibilty.

We hope to deliver our files to you in the future the way we did the last years and will give you more information about the changes soon.

Regards your RC-Sim-Team.....

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As you perhaps already might know, the expenditures for the server and the traffic costs unfortunately increased rapidly during the last months. 
Many of our users have offered their help by donations, to keep RC-Sim further alive.
We have created a special account for this (just use an adequate link below). 
Money-transfer text please chose:

"Donation RC-Sim" 

If you want your name to be listed in the public donation list on our Page, please send your names after the payment in an email to: info@rc-sim.de
"donation RC-Sim, your NAME"


Wie ihr bereits vielleicht wisst, steigen leider die Ausgaben für den Server und den Traffic enorm in letzter Zeit. 
Viele der User haben ihre Hilfe angeboten durch
Spenden RC-Sim weiterhin am Leben zu erhalten. 
Hier nun das extra dafür angelegte Konto. 
Als Überweisungs-text nehmt bitte: 
" Spende RC-Sim " 
Wenn Ihr auf der öffentichen Spendenliste als User aufgeführt werden möchtet, schreibt bitte noch euren Namen als Email an info@rc-sim.de 
" Spende RC-Sim , Dein NAME "


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Wir danken euch für die Unterstützung und hoffen dass wir weiterhin für euch die Seiten pflegen können .
Euer RC-Sim- Team